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Space Projects


Libre Space Foundation

QUBIK-1 and QUBIK-2 are 2 PocketQube satellites designed, developed and integrated by Libre Space Foundation. They were expected to be short-lived and were tasked to perform Launch and Early Operations Phase (LEOP) Satellite Identification and Tracking experiments.

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SPACEDOS dosimeters

Universal Scientific Technologies s.r.o. (UST)

SPACEDOS dosimeters are open-source semiconductor detector based ionizing radiation spectrometers and dosimeters. They have already successfully participated in several space missions. SPACEDOS02 measures, for a period of a regular crew change lasting several months, aboard the International Space Station (ISS). SPACEDOS01 dosimeter has been modified for mounting inside CubeSats and was sent to Earth’s orbit as a part of the SOCRAT-R satellite.

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Libre Space Foundation

The first open source satellite

UPSat is a 2U Cubesat satellite constructed and delivered by Libre Space Foundation, started by University of Patras as part of the upsatQB50 mission with ID GR-02.

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