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Development Board Projects

CSEduino v4

Joao Alves

CSEduino is the answer to a very low cost DIY Arduino like board. This version has a 2-layer pcb created with kicad.

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DRV10987V01: MLAB BLDC driver

MLAB-project team

The DRV10987V01 is an MLAB module featuring the DRV10987 controller by Texas Instruments, designed for sensorless operation of Brushless DC (BLDC) and Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors (PMSM). It’s a compact, powerful solution for driving motors with diverse voltage requirements, offering a continuous current of 2A and peak current of 3A. The module can control motor speed based on PWM, analogue, or digital (I2C) input, and has built-in functions for overload and overheat protection. It’s ideal for applications like robotic systems, home appliances, and hobby projects.

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Glasgow revC

Catherine 'whitequark'

Glasgow is a tool for exploring digital interfaces, aimed at embedded developers, reverse engineers, digital archivists, electronics hobbyists, and everyone else who wants to communicate to a wide selection of digital devices with high reliability and minimum hassle.

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JuicyBoard Labs

JuicyBoard from Labs is an open source modular robotics platform that can be used to build custom 3D printers, CNC machines and more.

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Librem 5 Dev Kit


The Librem 5 Dev Kit is a smartphone developer kit that is used by software developers to create apps and other software for the final Librem 5 GNU/Linux smartphone. The baseboard design uses an i.MX 8M System-On-Module (SOM), a SIMCom SIM7100A/E baseband modem mPCIe module, and a RedPine RS9116 WiFi+BT M.2 module. It includes a 720x1440 capacitive touch LCD, a dual-role capable USB-C port, a Mini-HDMI port, an RJ45 ethernet port, a 3.5mm headset audio jack, a microSD slot, a 3FF micro-SIM card slot, a 2FF smartcard slot, a GSM/3G/LTE WWAN SMD antenna, a GNSS/GPS module and SMD antenna, two WLAN SMD antennas including one for diversity, a 5MP camera, an earpiece speaker, a microphone, a 9-axis IMU, an ambient light+proximity sensor, a haptic motor, a user-controllable indication LED, an 18650 li-ion battery holder for use with an on-board charge controller, and kill switches for WWAN, WiFi+BT, & camera+mic.

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Opendous Inc.

The Micropendous boards were Development Boards for Atmel’s USB AVR Microcontrollers with a Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) hardware, firmware, and software development platform. They were designed for USB peripheral and hosting development.

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Dmitry Filimonchuk

NUCLEO2USB is the USBFS shield for the NUCLEO-64© compatible development boards. It can be configured as 1xDEVFS with speed override (F103/F303), 1xOTGFS, 2xOTGFS.

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Dmitry Filimonchuk

NUCO-V is a NUCLEO-64© compatible development board for the STM32F7 and STM32H7 series with integrated Black Magic Probe

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Numato & TimVideos

The Opsis is a powerful FPGA-based open source video platform for videographers and visual artists and designed to give the user complete control over high-speed video, enabling everything from real-time conference capturing solutions, to experimental visual art and even general FPGA-based video research.

Created in collaboration between the Numato Lab and live event streaming project, the Opsis is the ideal device for the video capturing firmware, which allows for “fool-proof” video recording from any computer.

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Atul Ravi

The Picuno is the mix of the RP2040 and the Arduino UNO. A drop in replacement for the UNO compatible with C and python derivatives.

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