Report an Issue

Before you begin

Reporting an issue with KiCad requires identifying the correct location the issue belongs to known as a repository or repo.

However, before reporting a issue in any repository:

  1. Please make best effort to locate any existing issue that may be a duplicate of your problem before starting a new issue.

  2. On the New Issue page if you see a prefilled description like this example:

    Example of new issue form description field

    Please do your absolute best to fill in the issue per contents of the description and respond to any additional requests for information. It helps both you and developers to resolve issues.

Reporting Locations

KiCad (applications)

If you have a functional issue with using any application be it the project launcher (KiCad), schematic editor (Eeschema), pcb editor (Pcbnew), Gerber viewer (gerbview) and other executables.

Translations (for the applications)

KiCad applications by default have all of their interface text written in English. A group of contributors creates special translation files to convert the English text to other languages.

Documentation (any language)

All the documentation is made up a team of contributors that spend their time painstakingly keeping content up to date with KiCad’s changes. Additionally contributors also spend time translating the same manuals into other languages.


The website is maintained by another group of maintainers. The main website at is separate from the documentation website Please report any issues in the correct location.

Support/Help Requests

Issue trackers are not for general support requests asking how do you use or do something in KiCad.

We ask you instead look at the community forums links for communities that can provide help.