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KiCad Conference Series

The KiCad Conference Series is a yearly conference that takes place in the fall. The series brings together people who use and love KiCad to share ideas, triumphs, learnings and more.


2020-2022 Retrospective

During the coronavirus pandemic, the KiCad conference series was held exclusively online


2019 Retrospective

The 2019 KiCon was held on April 26th and 27th in Chicago, IL, USA.


More than 250 attendees crowded into a sold-out hall at M-Hub in Chicago to learn and teach KiCad.


Speakers convered the basics of KiCad collaboration, design, layout and working with your fabricators.


Many PCB fabrication houses sponsored the event and sent representatives to meet their customers and share experiences in the circuit design industry.


The talks even delved deep into coding circuit design for reuse and topics that you could not hear anywhere else.


Between sessions, attendees browsed the display hall where vendors set up tables to show their tools and resources to help circuit designers with their jobs


The whole two days were packed with more information than you could consume in a weekend. But even the talks that you missed are available for later consumption on YouTube through our dedicated list