Schematic Capture in Eeschema

KiCad’s schematic capture is efficient, with all the tools you can expect for such a task. The interface focuses on productivity. There are no complexity limits, as large designs can be divided into hierarchical subsheets. Various export options are available (PDF, SVG, HPGL, Postscript).

Electrical Rules Check

The electrical rules check (ERC) automatically verifies your schematic connections. It checks for output pin conflicts, missing drivers and unconnected pins.

Export Netlists

Exports netlists in formats such as

  • Pspice

  • Cadstar

  • PcbNew

  • "Generic" XML

Bill Of Materials

BOM generation is extensible via Python scripts or XSLT, which allows many configurable formats.

Integrated libraries

KiCad comes bundled with a vast library of symbols, footprints, and matching 3D models. They are community maintained so they never stop improving.