Historical Sponsors

KiCad would not be where it is today without the previous sponsorship from many individuals and corporations.

We encourage corporate users of KiCad to support the community by joining our Corporate Sponsorship Program.

University of Grenoble and GIPSA-lab

This is the university where Jean-Pierre Charras, the original author of KiCad, worked as a teacher before his retirement. They provided hosting for the releases of KiCad, giving us a large amount of bandwidth for the large downloads.

Jean-Pierre has also been able to invest large amounts of time into developing KiCad.


SoftPLC, Dick Hollenbeck’s employer, sponsored him to improve KiCad’s functionality immensely. SoftPLC sponsored Dick to the equivalent of 450,000USD for the time he spent working on KiCad.

The Raspberry Pi Foundation

Donated to the CERN and Society Foundation for the development of KiCad’s differential pair routing and track length control features.

Arduino LLC

Donated to the CERN and Society Foundation to support CERN’s efforts in Open Source Hardware.


System76 manufactures powerful Linux laptops, desktops, and servers for the creators, builders, and innovators of tomorrow. Because our computers are powered by open source software, customers instantly have access to a plethora of free software and tools. We’re proud to support KiCad’s open source project, via our financial support through the CERN and Society Foundation.