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Instrumentation Projects

An Open Source Thermal Imaging IR Camera


With an aim to make Thermal Camera affortable for hobbyists and makers we built this DIY thermal camera using an ESP32 microcontroller and an MLX90640 thermal sensor. The camera captures thermal images with a resolution of 32x24 pixels and features a 2.4-inch display for visualization. It offers adjustable refresh rates, various color palettes, and temperature measurement capabilities between -40°C and 300°C.

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LABDOS - semiconductor based ionising radiation spectrometer

Universal Scientific Technologies s.r.o. (UST)

LABDOS01 is an open-source spectrometer-dosimeter based on a silicon PIN diode and is intended for scientific research and experimental purposes. A USB-C port or JST-GH connector secures power and communication. The device can be used statically (located in a specific place e.g. laboratory or base) or in mobile applications (such as cars or UAVs). The spectrometer is housed in a 3D printed box, which brings essential mechanical resistance and allows future development of user enclosures and new integrations.

The aim of LABDOS01 is to make an open-source, accessible, high-quality, reliable, and straightforward measuring device - a radiation energy spectrometer for the scientific community.

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Dejan Priversek and David Kosenina

ScopeFun in an open source, all-in-one instrumentation platform. It includes an oscilloscope, arbitrary waveform generator, spectrum analyzer, logic analyzer, and digital pattern generator.

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Boltz R&D

Dive into the heart of innovation with SmartPrintCoreH7x, a groundbreaking open-source 3D printer mainboard designed with passion for the community and a clear focus on durability, reliability, and ease of use. Born from a vision to empower makers, tinkerers, and engineers around the globe, SmartPrintCoreH7x prepares to stand as a beacon of collaborative development in the 3D printing world

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Tiny Reflow Controller

Rocket Scream Electronics

An open source all-in-one Arduino compatible reflow controller powered by ATtiny1634R.

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