Instrumentation Projects

LABDOS - semiconductor based ionising radiation spectrometer

Universal Scientific Technologies s.r.o. (UST)

LABDOS01 is an open-source spectrometer-dosimeter based on a silicon PIN diode and is intended for scientific research and experimental purposes. A USB-C port or JST-GH connector secures power and communication. The device can be used statically (located in a specific place e.g. laboratory or base) or in mobile applications (such as cars or UAVs). The spectrometer is housed in a 3D printed box, which brings essential mechanical resistance and allows future development of user enclosures and new integrations.

The aim of LABDOS01 is to make an open-source, accessible, high-quality, reliable, and straightforward measuring device - a radiation energy spectrometer for the scientific community.

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Dejan Priversek and David Kosenina

ScopeFun in an open source, all-in-one instrumentation platform. It includes an oscilloscope, arbitrary waveform generator, spectrum analyzer, logic analyzer, and digital pattern generator.

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Tiny Reflow Controller

Rocket Scream Electronics

An open source all-in-one Arduino compatible reflow controller powered by ATtiny1634R.

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