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Motor Controller Projects

ATMEGA328 Motor Board

Antonio Morales

A general purpose motor controller designed with kicad around the ATmega328 micro controller and L298P motor driver. It can drive four motors with various input options.

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Axiom motor controller

EV Power Designs Inc.

Axiom is a high power, high performance 100kW+ motor controller based upon the VESC platform for compatibility with firmware and GUI. It is designed for driving 650V 600A IGBTs and comes with many safety features.

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Michele Santucci

Driverino-Shield is a simple, low power, controller for BLDC sensored motors. The project target was to create an Arduino shield capable of driving a PM BLDC motor rated about 50-100W. The board is fitted with TI MCT8316Z BLDC driver.

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Benjamin's robotics

An Open Source ESC.

In other words, this is a brushless DC motor controller, which is very configurable.

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VESC controller


VESC controller is a 3 phase motor controller. The board measures voltages, currents, temperatures and user inputs and acts as the brain of a high power electric drivetrain. Fully opensource and compatible with VESC project firmware and GUI.

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