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Computer Projects

MNT Reform

MNT Research GmbH

The MNT Reform is a modular laptop launched in 2020 featuring 7 open hardware PCBs made with KiCAD: motherboard (SoM carrier for Boundary Devices Nitrogen8M_SOM), mechanical keyboard, OLED, optical trackball, trackball sensor, trackpad, battery pack. STEP files for the CNC milled case and STL files for the 3D-printable parts are available as well. The goals of the project are to increase ownership, transparency, repairability and privacy of mobile computers.

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The TERES I is a Do-It-Yourself Open Source Hardware and Software Laptop with ARM64 and x86 processors including MCAD files.

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Lilian Tribouilloy

ToucheLibre is an ergonomic wooden keyboard. Designed under openhardware philosophie and with ecological sensitivity.

Be the luthier of your writings.

This is a summary of our values: to make a beautifull artisanal objet; an useful object in according to your needs and your health; to give an artistic look to inspire your work; a handshaking between craftsman and customer.

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