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Submit a Project


If you wish to submit a project for the "Made with KiCad" section, the project must meet one of the requirements below:

Open (by license) Hardware Projects:

Minimum: The board file can be downloaded so that it can be modified.

Preferred: The entire project should be made available for download and KiCad should be mentioned on the project website.

Note: We strive for diveristy to showcase KiCad and acknowledge your project. If you have many similar designs, please only submit the design your are proudest of.

Proprietary Projects/Products:

Proprietary projects or products have a choice of one of these criteria:

  • Directly mention that KiCad was used to design the product

  • The project owner has contributed code to KiCad (i.e. developers submitted patches on behalf of a company), the developers with contribution history must submit the pull request to add to "made with kicad" entry.

  • The project owner has donated to KiCad via CERN.

Submission Process

  1. Fork the repository on GitLab

  2. Add a new folder in your fork under the /content/made-with-kicad/ folder such as /content/made-with-kicad/my-project-a/

  3. Create a index.adoc in the newly created folder with the following template as a base

    title = "My Project A"
    projectdeveloper = "John Smith"
    projecturl = ""
    "made-with-kicad/categories" = [
    My project is totally cool and awesome
  4. Customize the template to replace the fields with the ones fitting your project

    1. The categories list is a comma deliminted list. Take a look at the existing categories on display at Made with KiCad

    2. Add one or more categories like this

      "made-with-kicad/categories" = [
      "made-with-kicad/categories" = [
          "Motor Controller",
  5. Create a image for the project. It should be in either png or jpg format and no larger than 800x600 in size. Add the image to the same folder as the index.adoc

  6. Commit both the image and index.adoc to your fork of the repository and submit a pull-request to the original KiCad repository

Don’t be afraid to try your best and ask for help in the repository!