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Human / Machine Interface Projects

Open Source POV Display using ESP32

Jobit Joseph

An open source POV display with 128 pixels resoultion and a maximum frame rate of 20FPS. This display is capable of displaying images as well as animation. The display is built around the ESP32 SoC, and used 74HC595 shift registers for controlling each pixels. We have also created a web tool, which will convert each image into a an array that only need approximately 2Kb of code space for each image. This makes it so that it can be easly integrate multiple number of images into the code without worrying about storage limitation.

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Lilian Tribouilloy

ToucheLibre is an ergonomic wooden keyboard. Designed under openhardware philosophie and with ecological sensitivity.

Be the luthier of your writings.

This is a summary of our values: to make a beautifull artisanal objet; an useful object in according to your needs and your health; to give an artistic look to inspire your work; a handshaking between craftsman and customer.

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