Post 5.0 Notes

It is already a week since 5.0 has been released, meaning it is a good moment to sum up the release.

Many Windows users have reported problems, most frequently related to wxWidgets assert dialogs showing up in pcbnew. The problem has been resolved, therefore if you still experience any issues please reinstall KiCad using the current Windows installer.

There is still one problem that has appeared very late in the 5.0 release cycle: Python scripting support in recent Linux systems. Since some time wxPython packages are based on GTK3 which causes a lot of problems in KiCad. Due to that, we were forced to disable Python scripting in many KiCad packages. We feel sorry about that, but we want you to know that fixing the scripting support has received top priority. This is the main goal of the 5.1 release that we estimate to have ready around November. After that we will start merging feature branches in the 6.0 development cycle.

Last, but not least: the donation campaign. It was hard to miss it, and frankly speaking - we are amazed by the donation flow! We have already reached our goal in a week time and the donor counter does not stop. It is another time when KiCad community proves to be very active and caring. Thank you all!

The KiCad Development Team

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2015 Release Candidate Branch and RC1

We are pleased to announce that KiCad has finally made a 2015 release branch. The 2015 stable release of KiCad will start from version 4.0.0. Currently we are in the release candidate phase and as such BZR 6188 is now known as 4.0.0 RC1. The 4.0 branch can be found here: KiCad 4.0 Branch The RC1 branch has been packaged as a archive available here: KiCad 4.0.0 RC1 Archive