2015 Release Candidate Branch and RC1

We are pleased to announce that KiCad has finally made a 2015 release branch. The 2015 stable release of KiCad will start from version 4.0.0. Currently we are in the release candidate phase and as such BZR 6188 is now known as 4.0.0 RC1.

The 4.0 branch can be found here: KiCad 4.0 Branch

The RC1 branch has been packaged as a archive available here: KiCad 4.0.0 RC1 Archive

The new GUI translations can be found in the kicad-i18n repository on github.


In addition to the source code, the following binary downloads are available:

OSX and additional Linux packages are coming as soon as maintainers package them! Please check back at a later time.

There is still no timeline on a final 4.0.0 release. We are asking developers to continue helping to fix existing bugs within KiCad. As of the time of this post, the product (development) branch is not accepting new features until the release of KiCad 4.0. Only bug fixes and polishing of existing features will be accepted.