KiCad Official Libraries

The KiCad project is proud to announce that the official KiCad libraries are now featured on the KiCad website.

The library team has invested a large amount of time improving the standard of the KiCad libraries. As part of this effort, a new set of KiCad Library Conventions (KLC) are now available on the KiCad website at /libraries/klc.

These conventions help to ensure that contributions to the libraries are held to a high standard. The KiCad project aims to provide a comprehensive set of libraries "out of the box".

To provide a simple method of downloading the latest library data, the KiCad libraries are now also available for download at Libraries are rebuilt weekly, and track the library repositories on GitHub.

As always, the strength of the KiCad libraries relies on user contributions. To assist with library development, refer to the contribution guide.

The KiCad project hope that users find the libraries useful, and that with continued community engagement, the quality can only continue to improve.