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Announcing the New Website

We are happy to announce a new website for KiCad, this instead of the old website system which was using Confluence, that has proved very unstable.

The goal of this new website is to be the go to place for official KiCad information and should support some way of having regular KiCad users contribute to the site, let that be fixing typing mistakes or just improving the content in what ever way seems fit.

This time around we have taken a new approach, instead of using the monster of confluence, we have choosen Hugo, a static site generator. This should make sure that the requirements for the hosting server is quite low, and should help increasing the availability of the site. Although KiCad itself does not run on mobile devices (think smartphones and the like) the website should be way more appealing on these platforms too.

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First Feature Freeze

It is time. Wayne, the current project leader, has now called the development status a feature freeze. See the announcement. This is to satisfy the road map and finally make a real release of KiCad since the latest release, the so called "Old Stable" also knows as the "4022 release". The number is referring to the bazaar revision number for that release. The task is now to make KiCad stable, which means bug fixing.