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KiCad 8.0.3 Release

The KiCad project is proud to announce the version 8.0.3 bug fix release. The 8.0.3 stable version contains critical bug fixes and other minor improvements since the previous release.

A list of all of the fixed issues since the 8.0.2 release can be found on the KiCad 8.0.3 milestone page. This release contains several critical bug fixes so please consider upgrading as soon as possible.

Version 8.0.3 is made from the 8.0 branch with some cherry picked changes from the development branch.

Packages for Windows, macOS, and Linux are available or will be in the very near future. See the KiCad download page for guidance.

Thank you to all developers, packagers, librarians, document writers, translators, and everyone else who helped make this release possible.



Schematic Editor

  • Improve symbol instance data file save ordering. #17737

  • Do not show click to start wire cursor for hidden pins. #17145

  • Internationalize pin information when language changes. #17224

  • Update status bar and properties panel after edit field properties dialog is dismissed. #17696

  • Prevent symbol browser from deselecting currently active item. #17808

  • Use correct value field text when importing Eagle schematic symbols. #17130

  • Make pin helpers available for hierarchical sheet pins. #17923

  • Support orthoganol dragging labels of sheet pins.

  • Import EasyEDA symbol meta data. #17806

  • Fix crash when loading symbols from database library. #17903

  • Fix renaming sheet check. #17901

  • Fill entire table if cache is empty when loading one part from database library. #17940

  • Automatically save new hierarchical sheets. #17810

  • Remember BOM export file name per project. #17704

  • Fix editing line angle rotation. #17473

  • Use consistent sorting for footprint libraries in footprint assignment tool. #17731

  • Fix incorrect label orientation when the symbol is rotated. #18012

  • Fix crash when editing text properties via properties panel. #18016

  • Fix selection of items inside filled shapes.

  • Make 'note' backgrounds translucent on selection.

Spice Simulator

  • Fix internal simulation errors when using some IBIS models. #17701

  • Send project path to ngspice for code model input files. #16527

  • Don’t add duplicate simulation fields. #17970

  • Update signals and measurements when netlist might have changed. #17616

  • Use display titles for axes in CSV output. #17324

  • Allow setting field size with property manager.

  • Fix incorrect netlist for uniform random voltage sources. #16393

  • Allow ".ends" command to be preceeded by whitespace. #16560

  • Support multiple brace-expressions for coupled multi-conductor line model syntax. #17824

  • Make IBIS errors visible and more obvious. #18041

Symbol Editor

  • Apply power filter to Altium symbol libraries. #17922

  • Select pin when clicking on electrical type text. #16183

  • Fix crash when canceling footprint library table dialog and the footprint library file is missing. #17989

Board Editor

  • Pad thermal spoke angle is 90 degrees by default when importing Altium PCB.

  • Do not require second mouse click to reflect changes after updating custom footprint. #17493

  • Allow no-net teardrops on no-net pads with no-net tracks. #17566

  • Prevent hidden shapes from being selected. #17562

  • Support legacy length tuning settings workflow. #17748

  • Properly handle DNP and exclude from board components in net list. #17146

  • Do no generate DRC warning on "exclude from position file" property. #17819

  • Fix incorrect size of widgets when a very long field name exists in IPC-2581 export dialog. #17911

  • Fix version 7 imported board hidden description field positions. #17684

  • Re-allow moving footprint text. #17899

  • Keep footprint chooser on top of KiCad but not system. #16840

  • Use StandardPrimitive library for vias when exporting IPC-2581. #16661

  • DRC via diameter calculation disregards PCB pad overrides and throws annular width error. #17944

  • Fix pasting footprint references. #17937

  • Improve consistency of free via ambiguity tests. #17671

  • Handle orientation correctly when pasting footprint items. #17518

  • Get rid of relative position in pad properties dialog. #17246

  • Correctly mirror footprint fields on load. #17955

  • Fix wrong file name for placement files when opening another project. #17846

  • Show disambiguated net name when needed. #16187

  • Fix false annular ring width DRC test failure. #17485

  • Fix false DRC errors for some rounded pad corners on unmodified footprints. #17249

  • Add mirrored column to fields grid table. #17956

  • Expose violation severity for co-located holes. #18028

  • Fix crash with some 3D models. #17950

  • Do not faile opening files with rotated text boxes. #18033

  • Test library identifiers in "intersectsCourtyard" and "insideCourtyard" custom rules. #18039

  • Avoid crash if zone has no fill when importing Altium board. #18025

  • Fix broken hit test for arcs in via placer. #17844

  • Fix crash when dragging overlapping vias. #17915

  • Fix crash after undoing edits after reducing number of layers in board stackup. #17613

  • Add missing holes from STEP export with circular PCB outline. #17446

  • Fix broken and/or disconnected PNS router traces in tight areas. #16591

  • Avoid snapping to edge cuts when routing.

  • Vertically center the color swatch in grid layer selector.

  • Fix variable expansion issue when exporting STEP of a modified board file. #16973

  • Reset zone offsets when exporting footprints. #17794

  • Fix context menu when moving.

  • Enable moving of all footprint text. #18024

  • Avoids rounding errors flagging connections too small by nanometers in DRC connection width check.

  • Fix very tall plot dialog on GTK. #16926

Footprint Editor

  • Allow specifying field layer in footprint properties. #17758

  • Don’t modify circle radius when editing center point. #17192

  • Prevent always writing the footprint field on save. #17998

3D Viewer

  • Fix orientations of some footprint STEP models. #17631

  • Fix missing parts in STEP models. #14906

  • Fix difference between STEP export and 3D view with some STEP models. #18030

Gerber Viewer

  • Force "always hide all layers but active" update when using hotkey. #18059

Worksheet Editor

  • Fix broken field text editors. #17284

Command Line Interface

  • Honour LAYER, SHEETNAME and SHEETPATH variable overrides. #17680

  • Center symbol SVG export. #18062

PCB Calculator

  • Correctly handle language changes. #17825


  • Fix to keep ERC/DRC on top. #14356

  • Fix memory use after free crash in standalone schematic editor. #17369

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