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KiCad 7.0.2 Release

The KiCad project is proud to announce the second series 7 bug fix release. The 7.0.2 stable version contains critical bug fixes and other minor improvements since the previous release.

A list of all of the fixed issues since the 7.0.1 release can be found on the KiCad 7.0.2 milestone page. This release contains several critical bug fixes so please consider upgrading as soon as possible.

Version 7.0.2 is made from the 7.0 branch with some cherry picked changes from the development branch.

Packages for Windows, macOS, and Linux are available or will be in the very near future. See the KiCad download page for guidance.

Thank you to all developers, packagers, librarians, document writers, translators, and everyone else who helped make this release possible.



Schematic Editor

  • Fix broken undo on alternate pin assignments. #14100

  • Add missing sheet names to PDF plot. #14233

  • Remove non-global labels from label properties dialog selection list. #14319

  • Remove replace all accelerator key from find/replace dialog. #14304

  • Create field name if user doesn’t specify one.

  • Fix sheet pin name case sensitivity issue. #14415

  • Fix incorrect position of text for some rotations when plotting. #14327

  • Ignore unknown attributes when importing CADSTAR schematic. #13526

  • Do not duplicate signals when unfolding bus definitions. #14269

  • Fix broken net-class label when using hierarchical sub-sheets. #14494

  • Fix crash when changing net label to global label. #14493

  • Ensure swapping global labels swaps inter-sheet references. #14520

  • Allow bus elements to connect. #14300

  • Fix broken symbol has changed in library ERC. #14160

  • Search fields in labels. #14075

Spice Simulator

  • Add missing .dc command to SPICE directives list. #14215

  • Added PSPICE/LTSPICE JFET model parameters. #12425

  • Handle underscore in parameter names. #14308

  • Fix crash when transistor model is missing. #14295

  • Ensure legend reflects gain/phase for AC small signal analyses. #14301

  • Don’t attempt to load unknown plot types.

  • Ignore extraneous LTSpice parameters for VDMOS models. #14299

  • Separate legacy model name from SPICE parameters. #13988

  • Do not include invalid simulation parameters. #14369

  • Fix crash loading simulation with non-existent pin. #14522

Board Editor

Footprint Editor

3D Viewer

  • Avoid drawing invalid arcs in 3D viewer. #14271

Python scripting

  • Load the global fp-lib-table before running the DRC. #13815

  • Remove board_item duplicate method. #14460

Command Line Interface

See Also

KiCad 7.0.1 Release

The KiCad project is proud to announce the first series 7 bug fix release. The 7.0.1 stable version contains critical bug fixes and other minor improvements since the previous release.

Version 7.0.0 Released

The KiCad project is proud to announce the release of version 7.0.0. KiCad 7 is a significant upgrade from KiCad 6, and comes with a number of exciting new features as well as improvements to existing features. The KiCad project hopes you enjoy version 7! Head to the KiCad download page to get your copy of the new version (note that some packages may still be in the process of being released at the time this announcement is published). Many thanks to all of the hard working folks who contributed to KiCad during the version 7 development cycle.

In accordance with the KiCad stable release policy, KiCad 6.x will no longer be maintained, and we will release bug fix versions of KiCad 7.x over the next year as we develop KiCad 8.