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KiCad 6.0.5 Release

The KiCad project is proud to announce the latest series 6 stable release. The 6.0.5 stable version contains critical bug fixes and other minor improvements since the previous release.

A list of all of the fixed issues since the 6.0.4 release can be found on the KiCad 6.0.5 milestone page. This release contains several critical bug fixes so please consider upgrading as soon as possible.

Version 6.0.5 is made from the 6.0 branch with some cherry picked changes from the development branch.

Packages for Windows, macOS, and Linux are available or will be in the very near future. See the KiCad download page for guidance.

Thank you to all developers, packagers, librarians, document writers, translators, and everyone else who helped make this release possible.



  • Fixed the unique GUIDs being generated for objects not being seeded at launch which caused them to repeat each restart of KiCad

  • Fix significant resource leak over long term usage sessions that notably would result in total loss of window function on Windows (#10994)

  • The Open Recent and Clear files menu titles will now update after a language change (2de1bd7a)

  • Fixed syntax highlighting of matching parenthesis in text input boxes (#11349)

Schematic Editor

  • Importing CADSTAR schematics where components with alternate symbols enabled will now import correctly (#11738)

  • Pasted and moved components that have offgrid pins at start will now snap to the grid (#11360)

  • Update Symbols from Library and ERC will now ignore name differences in place symbols (#10783)

  • Junctions will now be added when a component is rotated in place and they are required (#11242)

  • Improved schematic sheet import messages and logic (#11075)

  • Plotting/printing is no longer arbitrarily clamped to 60 inches (#1196)

  • Fix a condition where subsheets may have value and footprint fields erased (#11194)

  • The Edit Text & Graphics Properties dialog will now update Sheet Pins (#11297)

  • Fix hierarchical sheet instance blocks not aligning to grid well (#11201)

  • Fixed crash when selecting a item and then triggering a external design file import (#10145)

  • Fixed subscript/superscript escaping logic that failed in certain cases and resulted in bad net names (#11093)

  • Fixed a case where the place tool location may warp between dialog invocation (#11057)

  • Add potentially large performance improvement on larger schematic symbols when generating connectivity data (#10974)

  • Bulk editing fields on a component will no longer be lost in certain circumstances (#11439)

Symbol Editor

  • A crash when editing symbol properties was fixed (851f89)

  • Fixed crash when sorting the pin table and a certain pin names were used (cf5f36aac)

  • Fixed a case where editing a symbol in the context of the schematic could accidentally get saved to library without asking (#10767)

  • The DeMorgan checkbox will now work when creating a symbol (#11199)

  • Pin electrical type names will now translate correctly after a language change (11324)

  • Removed a false warning message about being in "synchronized pin mode" (#11331)

  • Improved the modified symbol status check to avoid false indication (#10791)

  • Symbols may now be pasted into empty libraries (#11053)

  • The De Morgan checkbox in symbol properties will no longer uncheck itself (#11200)

PCB Editor

  • A crash when selecting DRC markers was fixed (110663d21)

  • DRC rules will now apply to arcs correctly (#11384)

  • STEP exports will include arcs in polygon paths correctly (#11389)

  • Various fixes were made to import of EAGLE PCB dimension objects (#10763)

  • Fix a few cases of zone fill artifacts (#6907)

  • Improved error reporting for diff_pair_uncoupled design rule constraints (#10087)

  • Running DRC with zone fill disabled will no longer wrongly mark the PCB window as having a change to the board file (#11344)

  • The selection rectangle when zoomed far out will no longer inverse when hitting the work area limits (#11344)

  • Improve VRML export performance 5a68077

  • Fixed the start point of tracks when the grid was coarse and the pad is far off grid (#11239)

  • The "Allow DRC Violations" router setting will no longer get lost during route mode changes (#11177)

  • An attempt is now made to handle running out of memory on import of oversized DXF imports to avoid a crash (#11308)

  • Improved performance for the Cleanup Tracks & Vias tool for large boards (f69ebe55)

  • Fixed PAD.AddPrimitive python invocation not accepting polygons (#11012)

  • Improved variable expansion in title blocks (#11168)

  • Improved Specctra import to remove memory leak, handle locked tracks, and more (1b108af)

  • Fixed crash triggering a zone fill after using the remove unused pads option (#11114)

  • Fixed case where DRC may use the wrong constraint value (#11197)

  • Fixed crash when using python to generate a gerber job file (#11227)

  • The Annototate All option in the Rennotate dialog will no longer be checked by default if you opened the dialog with an empty selection (#11181)

  • Fixed importing certain pads from CircuitStudio (#10493)

  • Blind and micro vias will be enabled correctly on import from Altium with their presence (#10044)

Footprint Editor

  • Footprint embedded zones now have snapping points allowing for use of measure tools (#10461)

3D Viewer

  • Plated pads with certain pad stack definitions will now render correctly as plated (#10207)

  • Prevent missing render data when using certain AMD video cards (#10741)

Windows Platform

  • Fixed PYTHON_HOME environment variables on the System environment causing KiCad not to start (#11328)

macOS Platform

  • Added a hack to try and resize grids to the current monitor DPI if a window is moved (d9fe48)

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If you are wondering why there was no "official" 6.0.3 release, there was a serious issue after 6.0.3 was tagged and some users had downloaded the unreleased 6.0.3 builds from the KiCad build server. The only way to prevent install conflicts was to create a new 6.0.4 tag with the bug fix and spin new builds. The KiCad project would like to apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

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