KiCad and the Open Ventilator Project

The KiCad project is proud of our role as the electronic design application used by the Open Ventilator project. The Open Ventilator project is based on a release of the Medtronic PB560 ventilator mentioned in this Make article.

The Open Ventilator project clearly demonstrates the potential of open hardware. The project was started by KiCad Services lead developer Seth Hillbrand early in the COVID-19 pandemic. It quickly gained more than 100 contributors from all over the world.

The project updated circuit designs and bills of material to support current production. Currently, prototypes have been ordered and are currently being evaluated for use in the United States, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

KiCad hopes to continue to push the benefits of open hardware designs into many other areas. Like open software designs, there is no limit to what is possible with open hardware designs.