Learn to Code KiCad - FOSDEM 2020

The first ever Learn to Code KiCad event happened in Brussels, BE on Friday, Jan 31. We had 15 new KiCad developers from Europe and the United States in attendance. 12 unique issues were addressed by the participants, ranging from OpenGL display on ARM hardware to cursor offset bugs to Eeschema rubberbanding.

Wayne, Ian, Jon and Seth served as sounding boards for user questions and provided some guidance on where to find needed information.

At the end, we had a couple of merge requests and much progress from a motivated team of future contributors.

ltck fosdem20
Figure 1. Learn To Code KiCad Participants, FOSDEM 2020

Coming up Next

Our next Learn to Code KiCad event will be at the FOSSASIA 2020 Summit in Singapore, March 22nd. Please fill out this form if you’d like to participate! We look forward to seeing you in Singapore.