KiCad 4.0.2 More Bugfixes

A new release of KiCad has been made, containing only minor bug fixes.

This release does not contain a new snapshot of the docs or libs. It does have the latest changes from the kicad-i18n repo, which contains the GUI translations for KiCad.

As last time, version 4.0.2 is made from the lp:kicad/4.0 branch with some cherry picked changes from the development branch.

KiCad binaries will be available for download for Windows, OSX and Linux in the near future, see the download page for guidance.

Instructions for packagers can be found on the download page describing how to build from source and its subpages.


Below is a list of some commits related to a reported bug:

Some changes without a bug tracking number

  • Pcbnew: DRC allow technical→copper pad overlap

  • Pcbnew: Fixed ratsnest for PCBs imported using plugins (GAL)

  • Pcbnew: Properly set keepout flag for new zones (GAL)

  • Pcbnew: Highlight a net when crossprobing with eeschema and highlight net tool is enabled.

  • Eeschema: Set modified flag after "Append Schematic Sheet"

There are a few other commits not mentioned above, if you are interested have a look at the history at the commit log between the relevant tags.