Install on Fedora

Stable Release

fedora_rawhide package
fedora_34 package
fedora_33 package

In general, latest Fedora releases ship the stable versions of KiCad as they are released.

To install the most recent stable KiCad package on Fedora simply search for it in the Software app or open a terminal and run the following command:

dnf install kicad

In case the latest KiCad release is not yet available in the updates repository, chances are you’ll find it in the testing repository. Run the following command to install a testing package:

dnf --enablerepo=updates-testing install kicad

As of KiCad 5.0.0, the 3D models have been moved to a separate package and can be installed with:

dnf install kicad-packages3d

Nightly Development Builds

The nightly development builds are snapshots of the development codebase (master branch) at a specific time. This codebase is under active development, and while we try our best, may contain more bugs than usual. New features added to KiCad can be tested in these builds.

Warning These builds may be unstable, and projects edited with these may not be usable with the current stable release. Use at your own risk!
Tip Nightly builds are provided in a separate installation directory. It is possible to install nightly builds at the same time as a stable version.

Nightly development builds for Fedora are available via the Copr build service, and can be installed with:

dnf copr enable @kicad/kicad
dnf install kicad-nightly

The kicad-nightly package includes the latest revision of all libraries except for the 3D models from the kicad-packages3D repository. Because of their size of more than 5 GB on disk they have been moved to a separate package and can be installed with:

dnf install kicad-nightly-packages3d

If you don’t have Copr enabled yet, install it first with:

dnf install dnf-plugins-core